Feedback Linearization of Network Systems

Example code for feedback linearization of (nonlinear) network systems is available [here]

T. Menara, G. Baggio, D. S. Bassett, F. Pasqualetti
Conditions for Feedback Linearization of Network Systems
IEEE Control Systems Letters, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 578-583, Jul 2020

Optimal Control Theory for Brain Data

Code to compute optimal and suboptimal control inputs and trajectories is available [here]

U. Braun, A. Harneit, G. Pergola, T. Menara, A. Schaefer, R. F. Betzel, Z. Zang, J. I. Schweiger, K. Schwarz, J. Chen, G. Blasi, A. Bertolino, D. Durstewitz, F. Pasqualetti, E. Schwarz, A. Meyer-Lindenberg, D. S. Bassett, H. Tost
Brain State Stability During Working Memory is Explained by Network Control Theory, Modulated by Dopamine D1D2 Receptor Function, and Diminished in Schizophrenia/”
Nature Communications