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2022 – to-date ARTIS Ventures Fellow

I have been selected as Fellow at ARTIS Ventures to work on the TechBio portfolio — pioneering investments at the intersection of technology and the life sciences

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2022 – to-date Postdoctoral Scholar

I am a Postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, San Diego in the lab of Prof. Jorge Cortés. I am also the vice-president of the Advanced Professional Degree Consulting Club and the vice-chair of the Exposure to Industry Program of the Postdoctoral Association

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2019 – to-date Researcher

I collaborate with the Brain Extension Computation Group at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Japan


2016 – 2021 Ph.D.

I earned a PhD from the University of California, Riverside, supervised by Prof. Fabio Pasqualetti. The research in my PhD thesis lies at the emerging intersection of neuroscience and control engineering. During my graduate studies I collaborated with Prof. Giacomo Baggio at the University of Padova, and Prof. Dani Bassett at the University of Pennsylvania


2013 – 2016 Laurea Magistrale (M.Sc. equivalent)

I completed a Laurea Magistrale degree (M.Sc. equivalent) in Robotics and Control Engineering at the University of Pisa, Italy


2010 – 2013 Laurea (B.Sc. equivalent)

I completed a Laurea degree (B.Sc. equivalent) in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Padova, Italy

Countries I have visited

Ad altiora tendo

I strive toward higher things